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Celebration Dream


There is always a reason to celebrate! Why shouldn´t be throwing a party, unique and exactly to your wishes as a wedding?

We can plan & organise these types of celebrations: 

Bachelorrette Party, Anniversary Party or Vow Renewal Party.

*General details regarding organisation & process and prices can be found here.

Bachelorrette Party

This must be celebrated ! You can throw a party or enjoy wellness weekend with your friends, attend events or go on a city trip. Everything is possible.

Anniversary Party 

Already 5, 10, 20 or more years together as a couple? This time together should be celebrated! We can plan this together to be an unforgettable moment. 


As an alternative we offer also birthday partys. 

Vow Renewal Dream

Do you want to celebrate your love?

You can have a second wedding! Maybe even more beautiful than your first and we will make it unforgettable.

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