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About Us

From woman to woman – every one of us dreamed already as a small girl about feeling like a princess on one day.


Do you want to enjoy such a day you dreamed about and will probably never forget? The most beautiful is to live these wonderful moments. Marriage is an important step in life, everything is going to change.

Standing on your site and helping you make your dream come true is my dream.

However, this needs organisation talent, sense in fashion industry as well as passion for design, marketing and event management, I gladly take over this part for you, so you can focus on the important things in your life - being happy.

In short, my dream is to make your dreams come true and to see you happy.

That is my Dream Moment.

Diana Polakova

Wedding Dream


My life in short:

  • College of Economics - International Business & Cross-cultural Studies

  • University of Economics - International Marketing Management & Business Management

  • ESB Event Management Academy

  • ESB Wedding Planning Seminar

  • Marketing & Campaign Manager

  • Wedding Planner

Let your

Wedding Dream


come true...

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